Me and my thoughts

Ok, I admit this is one of my big problems…you know why?…because when I try to think like this I feel guilty…I mean yes, it’s true size should not matter, but unfortunately sometimes I think that it matters,for our health for example.

Aha…this is another problem…I know, I know ,I need to fix it, but it’s alright, I would do my best.

I really don’t like that kind of person who comes into my life on purpose ,but then they live me…so…(see below).

Yep…most of us are already a zombie.

”When you think is no way out,love is the only way”->2NE1-I love you

I admit,I did this once or twice, I’m not proud…but who didn’t do it? ))

One of my classmates made ​​ a tattoo and sincerely I like it, I mean not necessarily the tattoo itself ,but the message ”My Life My Rules”.I mean …we all have the power to decide our destiny so if someone is guilty for what happens next, we ourselves are, so let’s take the responsibility for it .

When I am surrounded by people I feel a little uncomfortable and awkward, because usually I am afraid to be myself, but if these are close people I am …how to say…ME.

OMG…I am truly trying not to care ,but I still have a lot of work.

I need to smile more. 😀

Me, Korea and Kpop (korean pop music)…I love the music ,the food , the local customs…almost everything…and I hope that someday I could say ”South Korea wait for me I am coming!!!”, but for now it’s just a dream… a beautiful one.  🙂

To be continued…

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