The power is in your hands!


We have the power in our hands, but the question is :” How we use it?”…my answer ”For nothing, we just waste it!’

Instead of trying to do something for this world and help her, we close our eyes and move on, but that is not a solution, it’s a way to disaster!

–I know that I am a bit rough and I’m sorry ,but I’m tired to watch and do nothing just because I am afraid to chance something.–


2 gânduri despre &8222;The power is in your hands!&8221;

  1. da intradevar, depinde de fiecare cum percepe viata, situatia si ce postura adopta cand vine vorba de putere…unii cred ca au totul si de fapt nu au nimic.Trebuie sa invatam sa punem in balanta ;lucrurile..:) o seara buna

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