One life

We only have one life and I don’t understand why we can’t enjoy it? WHY?

Why are we so greedy, so mean, so unhappy? I can’t take this anymore , I’m sick of all this things who only  hurt us. I want something else, I want to be happy with my life, I want everyone to be happy. I know that life is hard, believe me I really know, but I’m sure that we can do something to change that. I don’t say that we need to change the all world, because we can’t , but what we can is to change ourselves. Well …this is hard too (I already tried and ..hmm it’s not easy at all).

I’m sorry if you think that I talk stories from fairy tales, but this is what I want, what I dream about…

My dream.. is to live my life in the way I want to. Sincerely I hope to have a beautiful life and from ” beautiful” I don’t mean ”just happiness” , because I don’t want that, I don’t want to have a boring life , OMG NO!! I hope for a life full of stories, stories who worth to be told. I’m really afraid that I won’t live like that, I’m afraid that I will be just another person in this world and no one will remember me… I want to be helpful, I want to bring happiness in others lives , I don’t want to live for nothing…and I’m afraid that I will do exactly that…( Sorry if ”I want” is used too often)!


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