We are society


Why? That’s my question. Why  people choose to close their eyes rather than help others? Why are we so closed-minded? Why can we be kind to those who are in pain? Why are we so fake? Why can’t we see the real beauty and enjoy it? ”Why we try so hard to fit in, when we’re meant to stand out?” (the last one is not mine).Well , some of these questions may have an answer and we may know it ,but this leads to another question ”If we know that the things are going bad, why we try so hard to live like everything is ok?”

For most of this things ,I use to blame society , I admit this! I know that society is ”us” .We run the world, we make choices, we have the power…but what we do with all of these things, how we use them? That’s the problem. We accept to live our lives led by ”the powerful people” and we are afraid to change that… I think that we can do something for this world, for us,but only if we fight for that,not just today or tomorrow, but always …remember that everything is possible…We Are Society , we can make the world a better place!



If you want a change, be the change!

Be the change that you want to see in the society.– Mahatma Ghandi

Believe me is not so hard ,I speak from my own experience.You only have to choose!  Try to laugh more, try to find always the good part in everything and enjoy every moment and never let anyone to change you.


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