The New York underworld


Giant caverns have been excavated under New York as work continues on the monumental Second Avenue Subway project.

The stunning images released by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority show the scale of the task as concrete is mined and blasted up to 27 meters below ground.

The giant underground caves will one day be the city’s 86th Street Station – one of the three being built in the $4.45billion project.

The New York transport system is already the biggest in the U.S., carrying 5million passengers a day.

3 comentarii la „The New York underworld

  1. Yep, and it also makes me wonder if in the future humans will create un entire underground NY city..i mean human mind has so much power that scares me..sometimes 🙂 Thanks for stopping by

  2. I have read that it is almost like a city beneath the current city. Seems like it would cave in eventually, but apparently. 😀

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