I’m surprised you didn’t highlight it

” So I have been talking to this guy I really like for about a month now, and I was at work one day, and he surprises me, holding my favourite Starbucks drink. I had lent him the book Looking For Alaska, because he said he never really enjoyed reading, and I told him this book would change that. So he told me he was done with it, and he took me home from work. We get in front of my house and he’s like “I want another book!” So I told him I’d run inside and get him Paper Towns.

As I was getting out he grabs me by my hand and says, “Wait! there’s this quote I wanted to show you on page… 123, I think. I like it a lot and I’m surprised you didn’t highlight it!”

And so I turn to the page, and there is this post it note pointing to that sentence:”


Source : TUMBLR


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