The Heirs–Final episode

I really enjoyed watching this kdrama,it was pretty amazing, even the story it’s very common(love,wealth,fights), the actors and all the stuff have done a very good job!The final episode was really touching, because even if you believe it or not,there were a lot of lines from witch we can learn something, like the final one  :”We can fall down again and maybe we could kneel again, but we…despite that we, go straight.”

I think the concept revolves around one of the final questions ”What type of crown were you trying to wear? Was it wealth? Fame?Or love?”If you pay attention this kdrama shows us that our lives are based on our choices, in this case (even if at the first sight you may not realize that ) it’s about the choices of two men with different dreams and principles.One realize that his life it’s  meaningless without love and the other one tries to reach the top of the mountain…the question is ”Witch one will find the happiness?Witch one will enjoy the end of the road he chose to take?”, but mostly ”Witch one do you think you are?” or better said ”What crown do you want to wear?”…

Here are some scenes and lines that had reached to my heart:










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