Unii nu se pot elibera de propriile lor lanţuri; cu atît mai puţin îşi pot ei mintui prietenii.

Trebuie să fii gata să te laşi mistuit de propria-ţi flacără: cum ai putea renaşte dacă nu te-ai trans­format mai întîi în cenuşă?





‘You who came from the stars’

  ‘You who came from the stars’ it’s a new kdrama (korean series) that I watch and it’s pretty good , but one of the things that really catched my attention during the episodes, besides the main male actor that I really like, Kim Soo Hyun ( known from ”The moon that embraces the sun”, a  historical kdrama that I do recommend you to watch)  are the lines  who, from my point of view have a powerful meaning. Here are some of them:

“Eye contact could be considered an indirect skinship. When humans meet the eyes of the one they love, their brain produce dopamine to preserve the sense of well-being. When you kiss, the heart rate doubles that of being in a dormant state, and average the breath rates increases also, by 20 times, and the blood pressure momentarily shoots up as well. As a result, the heart flutters and the breathing becomes labored, and the person can even experience dizziness, which makes it easy to be mistaken as him/her being in love. However, all of these are mere playful games of skinship, and a hormone’s trickery. You must not be taken in by this. You must never be deceived. You must differentiate between your heart beating and falling in love. – Do Min Joon (You Who Came From the Stars)”

”It would be hard to think of a punishment crueler than that of being excluded from society, and to be ignored by the members within that society. Humans are much weaker than expected, so they get excited or hurt deeply by the attitude and manner in which others treat them. – Do Min Joon (You Who Came From the Stars)”

“My heart… it can’t be settled. I keep on looking back, and I keep regretting. Not even once have I lived like the others. Sharing breakfast and dinner with someone, going home where someone is waiting, expressing sincerely about liking someone; those things. Humans who don’t live up to a 100 are all doing… those things that I laughed at. Those cold and warm… and beautiful things, I now want to do them. – Min Joon (You Who Came From the Stars)”

 “People don’t want to know the facts. They just need someone to blame. Because someone has to take responsibility for unhappiness.”-(You who came from the stars)

 ”A person’s mentality is like that. When you see someone who’s in a better place than yourself, it’s not that you think “I want to be there, too”. It’s the thought: “You should come down to the trenches I’m stuck in.”(Choi Song Yi  You Who Came From The Stars)

“There were many times when I hit the rock bottom of my life. I have learnt that there is one good thing about it. You can filter out people in your life. The real allies and the enemies who pretended to be allies.”(You Who Came From The Stars)