Too many things ..


  I’m in love with this song, lyrics and voice! 

Its not about the age, we are never too old.

  There are so many things I have too see, so many places I have never been, so many people I never meet, so many dreams I never dreamed, so many…

  Don’t just live, it’s boring, do something with your life. It’s not necessary to be powerful or rich, no, well maybe we have to be.. in knowledge, kindness, sensibility. You can start where you are with what you have, it’s enough, just believe and do it. Share moments, hugs, smiles, because you, I , we..can.

  ‘I won’t let it kill me,I won’t let it knock me down, I won’t let it feed on me,I won’t let it do that to me’.. Cheers to all of you who have tried, failed, but never gave up..These are only words, I know it’s hard, I’ve been there, we all have, but we are not powerless ..let’s give it a try.



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