Lake Misurina, Italy.


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Lake Misurina, ItalyLake Misurina  is the greater natural lake of the Cadore and it is 1,754 m above sea level, fraction of Auronzo di Cadore (Belluno). The perimeter is 2.6 km long, while the depth is 5 m.Near the lake there are about ten hotels with accommodation for around 500 people.
The particular climatic characteristics of the area around the lake, make particularly good air for those who have respiratory diseases. In fact, near the lake is the only center in Italy for the care of childhood asthma.The lake was the theme of a famous song by Claudio Baglioni.
Besides the Lake Misurina is the theme of the theatrical representation of the Longane di Lozzo.Lake Misurina is where the speed skating events were held during the 1956 Winter Olympics of Cortina d’Ampezzo – the last time Olympic speed skating events were held on natural ice.

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